Presented by Morioka Shoten and Gallery Koyanagi
25. April bis 22. Juni 2024

One Single Book

Morioka Shoten und Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo

Morioka Shoten, a bookshop in Gallery Koyanagi’s neighborhood of Ginza, is a unique bookshop that sells only one book. Inspired by this concept, Gallery Koyanagi will present an exhibition on books, entitled “ONE SINGLE BOOK,” in collaboration with Morioka Shoten. Authors or artists from Morioka Shoten and the Gallery Koyanagi artists, in total of around 30 participants will join the exhibition. Each participating artist is invited to choose one book and do something special to make it the only one book. By tracing why each artist selected the book, and the way the book became 'one single book', the exhibition takes you to ponder the relationship between books and art. On the first day of the exhibition from 6pm, Gallery Koyanagi will hold a reception with a gallery talk by the artists.